ASAP4hana delivery and project management of your upgrade

ASAP4hana SAP upgrade and Project Management Services enable your business to take advantage of years of SAP consulting experience.
When your business is embarking on the new SAP initiative (full life cycle implementation with upgrade), including adding new SAP modules to an existing installation or expanding your current SAP Business Suite, ASAP4hana highly competent SAP project managers can assist you in delivering your project on time and within budget.
Leveraging the knowledge of our highly experienced SAP project management pool enables you to work with professionals who have real world, relevant experience.

ASAP4HANA’s SAP Benefits

  • Expertise and proven SAP Project Management track record with leading companies
  • Development of a Risk Management Plan that addresses common SAP project shortcomings and pitfalls
  • In-depth experience with a variety of Project Management methodologies
  • A thorough knowledge of your business and its unique challenges
  • Delivery Model Flexibility 

  • Project Management quality assurance
  • Measurable results to gauge project success
Our consultants and partners are all SAP-Certified service partners and a leading provider of technology enabled business solutions, we are uniquely positioned to deliver the right solutions and the right results along with SAP project management oversight where needed, even in the most challenging environments

How ASAP4hana can help your business manage your next SAP endeavor:

We Possess SAP Project Management Expertise
ASAP4hana has years of experience with successful projects delivered, allowing us to execute cost-effective, client-focused SAP projects that address your most pressing business issues. Our project managers are typically certified in a broad range of project services methodologies and are highly experienced in a wide range of market verticals and industries. ASAP4hana believes that its project managers should have project management experience with SAP products and possess hands-on business knowledge.

We Utilize Leading Project Management Methodologies
ASAP4hana project managers are fully certified and utilize a variety of project management methodologies depending upon your specific needs. Accelerated SAP (ASAP), the Project Management Institute’s PMP, Total Quality Management such as Six Sigma or Lean, SCRUM and our own Integrated Project Methodologies are among the many methodologies our project managers are knowledgeable in and are able to leverage.

We Understand Your Business
ASAP4hana understands your business and knows how to deliver a upgrade approach of SAP in order to meet your business needs. No matter what industry your business resides in healthcare, telecommunications, energy and utilities, manufacturing, financial services, insurance or the public sector we understand your business and the unique challenges you face.

We Are Flexible

Methodology alone is not sufficient for successful SAP project delivery. Nor does a single project management style fit every client. Many years of SAP project management experience across a wide range of SAP products (both old and new versions), environments (global implementations and smaller installs) and business models provides you with a knowledge base of implementation strategies and expertise that can easily be applied to your specific business needs.

We Achieve Measurable Results

A single, guiding principle is at the heart of ASAP4hana’ s SAP project management services: To work closely with you, the client to deliver cost-efficient, measurable SAP solutions that fully meet and support your business needs and objectives. We do this by drawing upon our vast experience gained in a multitude of assignments in virtually every industry, utilizing flexible methodologies and a variety of delivery solutions. Working closely with a structured and fully defined project plan, ASAP4hana project managers are able to accurately measure the scope, progress and results of your SAP project.

Your business can rely on ASAP4hana to deliver expert SAP project management services that ensure the success of your SAP endeavor. Our experience, business knowledge and an emphasis on measurable results have helped us develop a proven track record of helping clients maximize the value of their organization’s projects while minimizing the risks. Engaging ASAP4hana, highly experienced, flexible project managers provides you with a business partner dedicated to on-budget and on-time project delivery.