ASAP4hana Greenfield approach

If you are a new customer to SAP and going for SAP S/4 HANA, it is a greenfield implementation. It could also be that your are in the situation that you want to restart your usage of SAP and want to start with a new installation. Please note that the migration tools provided by SAP are only for migrating the existing customers data to SAP S/4 HANA. In case of a greenfield implementation, you can not use these migration tools for migrating the data to SAP S/4 HANA

The classical data migration tools are to be used in the case of greenfield implementation. ASAP4Hana and its partners have the toolset for migrating from almost all types of legacy systems, like Oracle, Microsoft etc.
At the same time it is time to transform you system to new business needs, this could be by merge or split companies, plants or other organizations unit in the system to reflect the current world that the business is working in.

ASAP4hana transform and upgrade your landscape

Greenfield implementation considerations:

  • Building the new landscape make little disruption to existing systems
  • Process improvements based on new innovations and simplifications
  • Timeline and the investment on existing developments should be weighed in against the process improvements and benefits in short and long term

As a result from the analyses you will have a SOW for the entire upgrade project containing the expected effort for each phases of the project:

  • Analysis
  • Blueprint
  • Upgrading/Development/Transformation/migration
  • Test
  • Pre-go-live
  • Hypercare and Project closure