I bring with me 17+ years’ experience within SAP and ERP consulting and implementation, a Master degree in Engineering, Supply Chain and a Post Graduate Diploma in Organisation & Management and MBA from CBS with focus on SAP marked, finance and strategy. For more than a decade, I have been self-employed in a successful consultancy company. I have filled out different consulting roles as consultant director, program management, project manager, team leader, solution architect, senior consultant, management consultant, and SCM/production engineer. Extensive sales experience all the way and a proven track record in project accuracy, with effective budgeting, cost and revenue controlling. Delivery of complex projects and build up of organizations to ensure quality and reliable delivery for top-100 clients, including several full live cycle implementations, where I also have experience with co-souring in global set-ups.

Specific skills within purchasing (MM) and inventory/warehouse management (WM), production planning (PP), handling unit management (HUM), sales and distribution (SD), advanced planning of SCM (APO), supply relationship management (SRM), plant maintenance (PM), customer service (CS), project system (PS), and integration to finance and controlling (FICO), assets, real estate and human resource (HR). Within reporting systems, I have been working with SAP Query and SAP BW / BPC. Has also in my carrier worked with all parts of PLM, this includes integration of SAP into SCADA systems in production. During the SAP delivery I have been working with the Industrial Solutions: IS-Banking, IS-Retail, IS-OIL, IS-Health-Care, IS-AFS and IS-Utility.

I am responsible for the largest SAP network in Denmark: “SAP Konsulenter i Danmark” with over 800 participants.


  • Connector.

    Managing consultant company

    Finance and auditor controlling

  • Connector.


    Negotiation & Creation

  • Connector.

    Sales and Pre-sales activities

    with consultant companies

  • Connector.

    Senior Consulting


  • Connector.

    Managing Projects

    Cost and Revenue controlling

  • Connector.


    International cooperation


  • Managing Consultant companies for over 10 years / responsible for P&L + Balance, incl. investment, Auditor
  • Managing Complex Projects with over 100 members, team leaders and steering groups with board of directors
  • Deliver estimates / budgets and controlling project actuals. All projects FIX or T/M made with significant profit
  • Sales / Marketing activities within the SAP/IT areas with network for 300 TOP clients (incl. contact handling)
  • Senior consulting- / test- / cutover management within in SCM/Finance for a broad amount of companies
  • Delivery of spot consulting or full scope delivery of full SAP landscapes incl. HW/OS/DB
  • Organize and build high performance teams for effective deliveries. Managing consultants / develop skill-base
  • Vendor and Supplier selection and negotiating, contract handling, outsourcing to ex. India and Philippines
  • Working, reporting and deliver in international environments and culture. World wide travel and planning
  • SAP Instructor and strong presenter and experience for giving talks and presentation


2005 – Present
ASAPConsult, Denmark / India / Philippines – Consultant company
General manager / Sales / PL & Balance resp. – Managing Director. Project Manager,
Customer / Vendor relationship / Senior Consulting – SAP Architect, Senior Consultant
Program / Project leading / Team building

2004 – 2005
T-System, Denmark / Germany
Consultant Company
Build up new SAP business – Management of clients
SAP Business Consulting – Senior Consultant

2000 – 2003
IBM / EDB Gruppen (EG), Denmark
Consultant Company
Build up new SAP business –Management of clients
SAP Business – Consulting Consultant

1999 – 2000
Martin Gruppen, Denmark
Intelligent Light/Smoke/Sound
Implementing of Baan ERP / Optimization of SCM –Logistic Engineer/ Business-resp.


2017 Executive Master of Business Administration Management (MBA), from Copenhagen School of Business (CBS), (12).
2004 Bachelor of Commerce (HD) in Organization and economical strategy development, from Aarhus School of Business (11).
2001 Graduate Master (Civil) Engineer in SCM and Production (VS), from Aalborg University (9).
2000 Production Engineer in development of production management with ERP, from Aalborg University (10).
1996 Higher Technical Examination (HTX 9,0).


2017 Certification in PRINCE2, Ledernes KomeptenceCenter, København, Danmark
2017 Certification in SCRUM Master from Scrum Alliance in Copenhagen, Denmark
2014 Certification in SAP Logistic Execution / Warehouse Management (LE/WM) from SAP in Olso, Norway.
2013 Certification in SNP Analysis / SNP SAP System Merge from SNP Heidelberg, Germany
2013 Certification in SNP Administration / SNP Project Management from SNP Heidelberg, Germany
2009 Certification in SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) from SAP in Copenhagen, Denmark
2008 Certification Solution Architect ERP – Integration of Business Processes with SAP ERP (SD,MM/WM,PP,PM,CS,PS,HR,FI,CO,BW,SEM) from SAP in Copenhagen, Denmark
2002 Certification in SAP Materials Management (MM) from SAP in Copenhagen, Denmark
2001 Certification in SAP Production Planning (PP) from SAP Academy in Johannesburg, South Africa


I have been an instructor for SAP SCM/PLM/Academies courses several times and therefore worked as a regular

Instructor for SAP: Denmark, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Hungarian, Belgium, Bulgaria,
Switzerland, Germany, USA, South Africa, and Thailand.

I have delivered over 125 Courses as an instructor. See total list attachment


– Full Project Delivery assignments (Delivery sorting):

Financial institution,
Implementing new SAP S4/HANA
Solution included SAP PSCD, FICA Project Manager/SAP Arch.

Food Production,
Implementing New Distribution Centre, 3 Party DHL and
DSV. Solution included APO, SAP PO, SAP SD/LE/MM Project Manager/SAP Arch.
Full scope SCM/logistik Project with MRP/MM/SD/ Project Manager/SAP Arch.
FICO, SRM and full Scanner solution
Shipping/Oil, www.mæ
HQ and Rig SAP closure (SAP PM/MM) and Senior Consultant / Cutover-manager

Consultant Company,
Development of new software solution for LYNC/SAP – Sales and Delivery/Development mg.
SAP SD/MM and FI Masterdata
Total SAP Landscape move concept from DE to DK – Project Manager/SAP Arch.
NEW SRM / BW Project Purchasing/supply chain – Project Manager/SAP Arch.
Optimization with MM/SD/MRP

Bank / Investment,
Concept for BW/BPC upgrade / Concept for security – SAP Architect.
Delivery of new SAP system/DB/OS/HW and migration –
Project Manager/SAP Arch.
High performance team building. Solution included FICO
IS-Banking, HCM, Portals

Merge of PostNord into one SAP PM/WM/MM/PM/RE – SAP Architect
Full scope merge of ECC/CRM/BW-Project Manager/SAP Arch.
New PostNord Solution SRM/MM/SD/LE – Project Manager/SAP Arch.
High performance team building

Medical Company,
Implementation of SAP Planning / SCM (APO) – Team Leader/Business/Master Data
Build business team for master data for world wide plant

Cement Prod,
Implementing full new SAP PP/PM/WM/MM – Team Leader/PM/Senior Consultant

Textile Production,
Implementing AFS Solution/ Development resource – Sales and Delivery Manager/PM/Arch.
Long-term customer relationship over 10 years of delivery

Thermostat Production,
Implementing LEAN Manufacturing concept – Solution Architect /Senior Consultant

Food Production,
Implementing New SAP PP-PI –
Solution Architect
Responsible for outsourcing

Chemical Prod,
Implementing New SAP Manufacturing PP / MM – Team leader / Senior Consultant

Process Prod,
Implementing new SAP PP-PI/MM/PM/QM – Consultant

Machine Prod,
mplementing new of SAP PP/MM –
Team leader / Consultant

Coaching/Senior Consultant/Training assignments (Alphabetic sorting):

2009 Amgros / NNIT, Copenhagen, hospital/Healthcare,
2002 Aarhus Olie, Aarhus, Process/food prod.
2009 Arker Solution, Kristiansand, Norway, Oil/offshore,
2002 Central Soya, Aarhus, Process/food prod,
2005 Coca Cola, Bulgaria, Sofia, Food Company,
2008 Deloitte, Copenhagen, Auditor Consultant Service,
2009 DONG Energy, Copenhagen / Skærbæk, Electric prod,
2006 Givaudan, Switzerland, Geneve, Proces/chemical prod,
2008 Lemvigh-Müller, Copenhagen, Steel and Building,
2008 Mærsk Oil and Gas, Esbjerg, Oil production,
2010 Royal Unibrew Copenhagen, Beer production,
2010 SEAS NVE, Copenhagen, Electric production,
2009 Siemens Wind Power, Tinglev, Wind turbine,
2009 Sweden Defense, Sweden, Stockholm, Defence,
2009 The Norwegian Defense, Norway, Oslo, Defence,
2002 Thorn og Jakobsson, Kolding, Industry lamps,
2008 University of Southern California (USC), USA, LA, Education institution,
2005 UPM Kymmene, Germany, München, Paper production,
2008 Vestas, Denmark and England, Randers and Manchester Wind Power,
2009 Zimmer, Switzerland, Zürich, Medical production,