An IT perspective

From an IT value perspective, this means that SAP S/4 HANA creates unique opportunities to simplify the landscape and help reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) with SAP HANA as the great simplifier.

enterprises can now reduce their data footprint and work with larger data sets in one system. For example with industry or application function re-integrated that was stand alone before to save hardware costs, operational costs, time and reduce complexity. There is no more need for 3rd party database supplier, since SAP S/4 HANA includes application and database. SAP stop supporting ERP in 2025, so the upgrade has to happen before.

innovation is also made simple with leveraging an open platform (SAP HANA Cloud Platform) to drive advanced applications – for example, predicting, recommending, and simulating – while protecting existing investments.

business users can leverage a simple and role-based user experience based on modern design principles which minimizes training efforts while increases productivity as it combines information from various sources at the point where decisions are made. We also support customers with simple configuration: setting up the system and during its use.

And finally,
enterprises get choice of deployment: cloud, on premise, and even support of hybrid scenarios to drive quick time-to-value and reflect current reality of customer solution landscapes.

SAP S/4 HANA is only built on SAP HANA because, as of today, only the SAP HANA platform can deliver such level of massive simplifications and innovations.