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Arion Bank was running on an ‘over sized’ SAP system and landscape due to reductions in business lines, organizational units and business volumes since SAP was originally implemented in 2005.

As a consequence of this Arion Bank was facing unwanted complexity and costs currently in connection with regular service updates and larger upgrades of their SAP systems.

Based on this situation Arion Bank was exploring the possibilities to optimize the system landscape in terms of:
Removing entities, functionality, and objects no longer used (carve-out)
– Upgrading the ECC system with newest service packages and Hardware
– Analysis for Upgrading/replacing/removing third-party products

In other words the aim was to clean-up and down-scale the current SAP Landscape into what is needed to support Arion Bank’s business requirements.

The “carve-out / upgrade” project support these business benefits:

A new Hardware installation with WM-ware to support the Arion Bank, landscape strategy to reduce cost of maintenance of the system landscape and flexibility, SAP upgrade and new BCA product development to support business to new Bank products. Which was a prerequisite from the business for further development in SAP. UNICODE upgrade as a part of the upgrade. The system would be UNICODE compliant for future requirements. Configuration / Data carve with focus to delete old data and functionality not used in Arion Bank. Main focus is to ensure the needed data / configuration for Arion Bank within the used SAP modules.
Installation of new interfaces for clearing systems. Carve out from the SAP ABAP repository for securing a platform of only used objects for future maintenance and a base of Arion bank’s own development responsibilities.
The project was delivered in one project with one go-live, support by one test plan including unit-test/integration, test/regression, test/accept, test/go-live simulation-test. This concept lower risk and avoid several parallel project with several go-lives.

The project is delivered by an ASAP4hana project team that has done similar projects before.

The project was based on a classical greenfield upgrade scenario and the project concept by keeping the old production on-touch at the go-live day was a significant risk reduction factor, delivered as a part of the project since the project will deliver at full new production landscape.

The project allows business and It support to create and update a complete set of test cases / user guides, user training and handover in parallel to the project to ensure a well tested / supported system after go-live.

The case describes a how a similar SAP S/4 HANA upgrade project could be delivered for your company.
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